I am quite selfish when I travel. I like doing things my way on my own time and not worrying about anyone else. Hence, all my big trips are always taken alone. And I don’t know if it’s how I grew up or not, but if I stay anywhere for more then a night, I like need to have my own room. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but growing up in LA with NY-grown parents, I have always been weary of people I don’t know. I hate carrying my stuff around with me and while I am a pretty good packer (if I can’t carry it in one trip, I don’t bring it) and if I am in a shared dorm, I would feel like I have to carry everything that I can’t afford to get stolen around with me at all times. And while it’s less then most people, it’s still annoying. Plus, I am a super light sleeper and the smallest light and/or noise will wake me up and then proceed to take me forever to get back to sleep. I like having a quiet place to go and escape the world. Single rooms in hostels are not only few and far between in most places, but quite more expensive then just a bed as sometimes you have to buy out the whole room (but still usually a lot cheaper then hotels), but that is something that I factor into my travels because it’s important to me so I can have a better time. It doesn’t need to be fancy, just a bed and a door that locks is all I need. I know I am by far in the minority when it comes to this in terms of long term travel, but I am slightly older and not into the party scene at all like most backpackers.

Moral: Like everything when you travel, take into consideration small things like this that might just make your trip more enjoyable. It’ll be a lifesaver!

One of my favorite hostels, Kiwi Paka - Rotorua