Used: 2008

Just a quick stop off to kill time before I got back on the bus to go down to Airlie Beach and go out to the Whitsundays. There isn’t much to do in Townsville either but it’s the unofficial capital of North Queensland and has a lot of government buildings and therefore the biggest amount of Aboriginal people I had seen in one place thus far. They have a great beach front area call “The Strand” which has a fantastic park, swimming area and public water park type thing. I spent a lot of time just hanging out here. I also happened to be in town during a full moon drum circle event which was really fun.

I stayed at Civic Gust House which was okay. My room came with A/C, a tv and a fridge so just hanging out and doing nothing was fine with me in these conditions.

Moral: Not the worst place to have a stop off but as a general tourist, skip it.

Drum Circle during the Full Moon in Townsville

Free water playground in Townsville on The Strand