Used: 2008

It’s an over 13 hour bus ride from Airlie Beach to Fraser Island which is another highlight on the trail. There isn’t really much in between except small little beach and farming towns but because it’s such a long ride,
backpacker tourism has sprung up, breaking up the ride and helping you spend more money! Some people stop and go inland here for a bit and do a stint on an outback farm or keep to the coast and go diving and just hang out on the beach.

I picked the small town of Agnes Water/Town of 1770 to stop on because out of all of them, there seemed to be the least to do here. Hell, the road off the main highway to the town wasn’t even paved until fairly recently. And after a week in Airlie, I was in the mood for nothing. I stayed at the 1770 Southern Cross Retreat and it was great! After 2 nights on a boat and an overnight bus ride, I booked out a whole room to crash for my 3 nights. I am the worst in shared rooms as I am the lightest sleeper and after 3 days of crappy sleeps, I needed some peacefulness. This hostel is a bit out of town, but there are shuttles a few times a day and I made use of them to pick up food and go to the quiet beach. I hung around the hostel just reading one day as well as it had a very retreat-like feeling to the place.

One activity I did was go on a kayak trip at sunset and it was awesome! I love kayaking and tried to do it almost every place that it was offered. Another thing I nerded out at was the town museum. Come on, for $3, you know you are in for a good time! Since I hadn’t been to a museum in a while, it was totally worth the $3 to learn about the coast. I also went on a really long beach walk at Agnes Water. And that was all for like 3 days! A perfect break between activities. Next up, Fraser Island!

Moral: I was really in the mood (and so was my wallet) to do nothing. And Town of 1770/Agnes Water was perfect for that!

End of the line!

Great day for a walk, so beautiful!

The beach was littered with Jellies