Used: 2008

Noosa was another place to break up the trip and waste more time before I was going to fly out of Brisbane back to New Zealand in a few weeks. It’s known as the Sunshine Coast and it’s a surfers paradise and known as the gateway to the Australia Zoo, but other then that, there really isn’t too much else to do. The town really reminded me of South Orange County because it was very split into super fancy shopping near the water and backpackers paradise on an inland road and nothing really in between. I crashed out here for nearly a week and didn’t really do much as I was starting to get sick, so sitting in my room at Noosa Backpackers (booked out a twin room so I had my day bed to crash out on and read all day and a different bed to sleep on) all day with the windows open and a nice breeze wasn’t the worst way to spend a week!

I did go to the Australia Zoo for the day too. They have an awesome bus service you can buy at any backpackers which includes a ticket to the zoo and return transport, so it makes for a good day. But the zoo was kind of super creepy. It’s Steve Irwin’s zoo and unless you are a die hard fan (I’m not), it’s creepy. I mean, it’s otherwise a totally normal zoo, but when I was there they were redoing a lot of it, so I didn’t feel like there was all that much to see. I liked the Taronga Zoo in Sydney a lot better. To me, the place felt like Disneyland. Or Universal Studios as there were lots of demonstrations and shows. There were even rides! But the creepy part to me was the gift shop. Steve and his families pictures are on EVERYTHING! I understand his face and maybe the wife, but to have the kids pictures on everything was just so creepy. This is the place that I did hold a koala and it was awesome. The well placed food court was excellent, but eating there, I realized that there were no bugs or birds picking at the droppings, like there are in most places like this. Everything was Disneyland clean and neat. Just kind of creepy. I don’t regret going, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have days to kill or are a Steve fan.

Creepy Gift Shop

Creepy Statue at Australia Zoo

The rest of the time in Noosa was spent on the beach, catching up on some internet or just trying to get better. My email time was perfect as I got an email from a friend of mine in the US, whose cousin was living in Brisbane, so at the last minute decided to stay with her for most of my time in Brissy instead of a hostel. Between fighting a cold and not having to stay in hostels anymore, my spirits were immediate lifted! I couldn’t wait!

Moral: A good place to kill a few days, but not really much to see. Also, I was just getting burned out of the sun and heat and beach all day everyday. New Zealand was around the corner and I couldn’t wait to go “home”.

Cute piglets at the Australia Zoo

Queensland rain at the Australia Zoo. Nuts!

I love otters!