Used: 2008

I just realized that I never wrote about my time in Brissy. That is because I didn’t really do much. I was still getting over my cold and I was just too excited to get back to New Zealand and see my friends and escape the heat and hell that Australia was becoming as it got closer to the hols and as I traveled closer to Sydney.

I left Noosa about 3 weeks before Christmas and all anyone on the bus could talk about was Christmas in Sydney. Knowing that all these Europeans were going to be there and hearing their plans, made me even more excited to leave. The whole thing sounded miserable to me. My timing was nearly perfect for arriving in Brisbane and I immediately got in touch with my best friend from high schools’ cousin who was currently living right across the street from South Bank Park. If you know the city, that is an AWESOME place to live. Since I had booked a few nights at Somewhere to Stay hostel and most places penalize you a night for not staying, since I contacted my friend’s cousin so late, I stayed one night and left the next day. Sidenote: the hostel was pretty cool. Huge kitchens and lounge rooms, cramped single rooms, but whatever. Wouldn’t have been the worst place if I had stayed the week.

I stayed with Amy (friends cousin) and it was heaven! I ended up taking her out for dinner and paying to get her bike fixed for putting me up for 4 nights (plus one night she had to leave for Canberra, so I had her whole place to myself!) so I ended up spending the same amount of money as if I stayed at the hostel, but her place had AC, Foxtel cable, which I had full control over and free internet and computer plus my own awesome bedroom and bathroom, it was well worth it. Plus getting to chat with someone from home! Anyway, since I was getting over my cold, I didn’t really do much and didn’t feel bad about.

I went to Queensland Museum and it was okay. I bought a day pass for the City Cat ferries for a cheap river tour and road them all over for a lovely day on the water. I went shopping as this was the biggest city I had been in in nearly 2 months. I mailed some stuff home. I talked to my sister a lot as I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to talk to her when I was in NZ, thanks to the phone situation . And I went online. A lot. I uploaded all my pictures from the last two months. I enjoyed the none-stop AC, which I hadn’t had in nearly a month (since Townsville, I believe). I watched a lot of TV. I just enjoyed not doing much after being on the go for so long! And I don’t regret it one bit.

Brisbane from Amy's apartment

Story Bridge in Brisbane. You can climb it, but it's not very high. Save your $$ for Sydney!

View of Brisbane at night. And you wonder why I never left the apartment!

Moral: Even the most seasoned backpacker needs a break. Not every day needs to be non-stop fun. Most days are, but don’t feel bad about the time you spend doing nothing. Obviously, getting a cold was my body telling me to simmah dah nah (sorry, I have been watching way too many episodes of classic SNL lately on VH-1) and even though I am sure there is tons to see in Brisbane, it was never on my city to see list, I just used it as a jumping off point back to NZ. And perfect timing that I knew someone in town! A great week.