I go to San Francisco pretty often because my sister lives there. It’s a cheap and easy escape from Los Angeles and every time I find a good deal on flights, I am there, even if it’s just for 2 days. I go often enough that 2 days is all I really need.

San Francisco is a city of many many bars. These three just happen to be my favorites. Hell, I don’t even have 3 favorite bars in Los Angeles!

The View: Located in the Marriott Marquee Hotel near Union Square. A bit expensive for drink and food, but the view, totally worth it! There are loads of tables next to the full floor to ceiling windows that make the views over the Bay Bridge to die for. Even when it’s overcast and/or foggy (most days) I still love it. The atmosphere of being up that high, is so lovely, to be up in the clouds. For some reason lately, loads of hotels in the city have been shutting down their rooftop bars in favor of more cash flowing meeting rooms. The View is still there and lovely! Plus, not as stodgy as some of the other fancy rooftop bars in the city. Even if you are in jeans and t-shirts and you aren’t staying at the hotel, you don’t feel self-concious at all treking through the lobby and up to the 39th floor.

Thirsty Bear: Not too far from the Marriott is this local restaurant and bar. I don’t remember what I had to eat here, but the beer here is excellent as so is the service and atmostphere! The last time I was here, was St. Patricks day week/end last year and the place was crawling with firemen from all over Northern California. HELL-LO! It’s a typical city packed restaurant and bar and can get crowded and loud, but it’s far off the normal tourist trail so that it’s nearly always filled with locals. But still close to most of the central hotels and a worth while easy walk.

Public House: Another townie favorite. This place is attached to AT&T Park, where the San Francisco Giants play, so that you can buy awesomely good, awesomely priced beer and they serve it in plastic cups so you can take them to go into the park on game days. I was so spoiled after this place! After we had a few and took some into the park, I wanted more, but our seats were about as far from the bar as possible, so we just bought some twice as expensive piss in the park and I took one sip and couldn’t drink anymore. It was so gross, I could only drink what I had at Public House and after the game we went back for more. This place is open all the time and the general public can go, but it gets extra crowded on game days, just FYI. I always forget what I order, but I think it’s Marin Brewing Company Tibouron Blonde, which is on the lighter side. I love this place.

Moral: When it comes to great bars in general, there is nothing spectacular about any of these places, these are just places I always somehow end up for one reason or another and always have a good time at for various reasons. So next time you are in town and you can’t decide where to go, check out one of these three!

One of my artsy-fartsy shots of the Golden Gate Bridge