Used: 2009

I am not a sports person at all. Which is probably one of the big (but lame) reasons why I could never live in New Zealand or Australia forever. They just care too much. At least in the US, there is other stuff to do and you aren’t looked down upon when you don’t care. But when I said I didn’t care about rugby during the Rugby World Cup or “footie” it was like I said the N word or something. I was always met with blank stares and looks of astonishment that this could possibly exist.

I know I haven’t talked about the jobs I have had overseas yet, but the big one I had in NZ, lets just say that I could watch TV for a large portion of my day. We got TV feeds from the US for various events and unfortunately I didn’t realize that we got the Super Bowl feed on Monday (!!) until it was nearly the end of the game. I wasn’t too broken up.

The following year, I was in Australia. I was in Melbourne, filling my heat-filled summer weekdays by jumping from library to library and food hall to food hall. It was Monday and I was in one food court for lunch when I looked up at one of the tv’s they had on a wall. It was playing the Super Bowl. It was Monday, lunch time. And there was a small crowd of about 5-10 guys just standing there watching it. I couldn’t believe it. Half way around the world, people actually care about teams and a sport that don’t even play in their country. I immediately texted my sister to find out what channel it was on and what the “big show” was going to play after, as that wasn’t going to play in Australia. It was 2009 and it was on NBC and they showed THE OFFICE after, fyi. During commercials, they cut to local Australian comedians and sports broadcasters doing commentary, which is funny as well. They did not air the same commercials as they do in the US. Back in 2009, the game was on Channel 10 in Australia. I don’t know if that is tradition or what.

Australian locals in Melbourne stop what they are doing to watch the 2009 Super Bowl

Moral: But just the fact that the Super Bowl airs in the middle of a WORK DAY and people actual stop and care, this was just shocking to me. And cracked me up at the same time. Just goes to show you how big Americas reach on the world is.