Used: 2007

So when I lived in Kingsland, it was at the very edge of zone 1 in the bus zone. During the week, I would take the bus into and out of town to work. On the weekends, when the weather was nice, I would walk into town as it really wasn’t that far, about a 45-60 minute walk and it was pretty flat. And really, what else did I have going on?

In the mornings I would try and catch the 200 bus as it cut through the city and made less stops, but it came less often. And it was always packed because of this. I remember one day I saw the bus come to a stop at the corner near my building and I ran to it and the driver, as it was always the same driver every day, saw me running and he opened the door and let me on. When would that ever happen in the US?! I was so greatful. Another day when all the normal drivers where at a meeting or something and we had another driver, he went the wrong way, the way the majority of buses go and some of the other passangers made a comment and the driver apologized and rerouted us, even though it didn’t make much a difference. Still kind of funny.

An alternative way of transport is the train. The train system in Auckland and New Zealand as a whole is quite weak and in Auckland they are trying to get more people to take it more and therefore is like half the price of the bus. The station was quite close to my building, but it was about a 15 minute walk once I got to town, so I never took it to work. But, on the weekends as there was no major supermarket very close to Bond Street, I would stock up in town at the Foodtown supermarket and then since it was really close to the train station, take the train home. At the main station you can either pre-buy your ticket or buy once you get on the train, but most stations, you don’t buy until you get on. The train, at least on the weekends were dead empty and really nice! I loved them, I just wish they went more places. And funny how they are trying to get more people to take it by making it a lot cheaper then buses. That rarely happens!

Moral: I loved both the bus and train system in Auckland. Nicest drivers who will stop if it’s convenient and safe for them and you plus everyone always says “Thanks” or “Ta” when leaving the bus, a good habit to get in and I like to say that I still have it with me. Granted, I rarely take buses in the US and would only say thanks if exiting through the front, but still, I know it’s a good habit I still have.

This is the only lame bus and train sign I can find in my files! It tells you when the next bus is coming which is better then most American cities. Plus, if you press the button on the pole, it VERBALLY tells you when the next bus is coming, for the deaf! How awesome! But annoying when the kids press it for fun.