In thinking of ways to post more about travel related items that would help me stand out from the rest of the blogs, in scrolling through my interests two things come to mind, photography and reading. I love taking pictures and every time I read tips on “how to take better travel photos” I realize that I am already doing most of the things on the list already. I also participate in Travel Photo Roulette, which I love. I haven’t won yet, but crossing my fingers I will one day. Besides, lots of people already post like “Friday Photo” or something like that. We all have pictures, I’ll admit right now that mine aren’t any more special then yours, but I still love taking them, so why not share?

Since I am single and do most of my traveling alone, I end up reading lots of books. I read approximately 250 books in the two years I was overseas and I still average about 2-3 books a week since I have been home. You would think my collection would be out of control, but I am a huge fan of libraries and book swaps and minus the Harry Potter book I bought and my library card rental in Auckland (post coming…soon) I probably spent less then US$30 on books during that time overseas. I read everything, including loads of travel books. I always head to that part of the bookstore first to check out the latest titles and my list of book requests (as I call it) is a mile long and I am adding to it all the time. Most of my “reviews” are my opinions and not really recaps, but they vary and depends on the mood I was in or how much I liked/disliked the book or author. It’ll be nice to go back and reread what I wrote years ago! I love doing that. Hopefully I’ll get you reading and picking up some books too!

Anyway, so I am going to call my posts “Random Weekend” and they’ll be posted on Saturday or Sunday and will be truly random, a picture I took and liked or a book post. Either way (or anything else I want to add at a later date) will of course, still be travel related.

Drop me a line with any suggestions or comments! These posts are going to start next weekend.