I actually discovered this title when I got an invite to a free movie preview a few months back. The movie is starring George Clooney (helllo!), takes place in Hawaii (YUM!) and is director by Alexander Payne (YES!). Those three factors? Sign me up! Unfortunately, I did not get into the screening, but in doing some light research, found out that the movie is based on a book, so I immediately requested the book, so I could be prepared to see the movie in a few months. I love doing book/movie comparisons.

The book was decent. Guy’s wife gets into an accident and he has to make the decision to take her off life support, which dealing with his two daughters at the same time and selling off his family land. In the process, he finds out that his wife has had an affair and he goes to find the man, so he can say goodbye to her as well. The older daughter is very much like her mother and they did not get along. The younger daughter is loud and tells it like it is, but not in a too annoying way (we’ll see how this translates on screen). During this time Guy’s father has died and all his cousins and family want him to sell the land, so they’ll make some money. The question is who to sell it too. The highest bidder (a “mainlander”) or someone local who will do “good” with it.

I could just picture the scenery for this movie already, BEAUTIFUL!!! I am loving it already. I may have to actually pay full price and see a movie this year. Otherwise the book was okay. Simple, but interesting enough. The local made it different then what would have been a typical, blah, whatever story.