The author of this book was kind of a douche. So what do I do? Pick up more of his stuff! Looking forward to it (sort of). But I liked the topic a lot. Guy and his gal are recent college grads and guy has no idea what to do, so he follows his gal to the end of the world where she gets a job for a year or two on an atoll in the Pacific. One thing I liked about this book, is the authors total honesty. He has dreams of what it will be like and it so doesn’t live up to them. Another thing I liked, is that this book took place in the mid-90’s so cell phones and computers aren’t everywhere yet, so it seems compared to other books I have read on this topic, while it’s a world of difference in the middle of nowhere, it’s not as extreme as it probably is today, with technology and all. Sounds like my kind of place! NOT! After this book I never have dreams of going to a deserted island like these. The lack of food and water and just hothothot all day and no electricity, sounds miserable. The best part? Losing tons of weight because there is nothing to eat! Otherwise, forget it. The Guy had nothing to do on the island, he thought he would write his novel. Instead, this book came out of it. So, not half bad. And since he had nothing to do, every chapter was like a little story set around a different aspect of life. I like that format a lot. Which is why I picked up more of his stuff. We’ll see how it goes.