If you live in the United States, you are most likely familer with Groupons. These coupon deals are catagorized by town and city (and even neighborhood in larger cities, such as Los Angeles) and the deal a day varies from health and beauty services, to new and classic restaurants in town to even local activites that you might not know about or even frequent yourself. Lots of countries seem to have caught on and GrabOne is the most popular New Zealand version of this.

Why am I mentioning this in a travel blog? I subscribe to the Los Angeles one, of course, but I also subscribe to the New Zealand one out of interest, just to see what they post. And since New Zealand is such a tourist based economy, GrabOne posts TONS of deals on tourist related activies, to boast their economy as well as get New Zealanders out there and doing stuff they might not normally do. I get so jealous and sad when I see the email in my box, as there is always something I want to do nearly every single day! If you are traveling to New Zealand anytime soon, I highly reccomend subscribing to the site as the deals are awesome! And who knows, you may discover something you didn’t think of doing before.

Because of this, I now subscribe to all cities I am about to visit. I am currently subscribing to the Chicago and Hawaii ones as well as I am traveling to these places later this year. I haven’t bought anything yet, but you never know:-).

Which sites in other countriesdso you subscribe to? Have you ever bought anything in your home town that you would have never done without a Groupon?

Moral: I love this website! I have gotten deals on haircuts, which are good if you know you are going to be in a certain town at a certain time as well as new restuarants that I had been wanting to try and this website gave me a push in the right direction. This website is also a good way to get out and do touristy thing in your own town you might have not done otherwise, sort of like the New Zealand version.