I had such medium hopes for this book! An American women is living in Italy and she adopts a dog! LOVE IT! Yeah, it ends up that the dog isn’t in the story all that much. It’s mainly about her relationship with some Italian Dude and his crazy family. They are in a small town in the south of Italy. Craziness ensues. The reason she takes the dog in is because for the most part in that area, dogs are left to fend for themselves and aren’t given the same love they are in America and she is not used to that. So she “saves” Marcus. The book ends with her coming back to America, because she breaks up with the dude and her job is over and she isn’t sure how the dog will react to NYC, so she wants to leave the dog with a family and pay for it’s upkeep, but then something happens at the last minute and she takes the dog with her. This book was more about her personal life then her life with the dog, so that was a bit disappointing. Meh