Now I am all about making the transport part of a trip fun and interesting, but this book was totally extreme. Maybe I didn’t read it to clearly either but did the author want to leave home or not? Did he care about his family? Sometimes it seemed like it and sometimes not. I did like that a lot of it took place inside his head as you don’t have to talk to every single person that crosses your path as a lot of books like this may tend to do, at least on the page. I am a total introvert and it was nice to see that you didn’t have to communicate with everyone to make a good story.

The author wrote about his travels around the world (not seeing anything, just transport. Pointless much?) on the most dangerous forms of transport that locals have to take everyday. It was a sort of suicide mission in those respects that of course, he survived. I liked that idea, but I didn’t like that he put himself in those types of danger voluntarily when he had a family. It’s like, did he not care about them? It didn’t seem like he did. It’s one thing to end up in those situations accidentally or for an article to make a point, but none of that came across in the book. It seemed more like, I’m board, lets jump off a building with no parachute and see what happens! Something was a miss.