Another self-indulgent wanna-be actress/writer/comedian who just does whatever and there are never any consequences. Jewish-ish girl from the Midwest ends up in New York City for college (tell me something new) and graduates with a useless degree and wants to be an ahhhc-tress. She ends up in some play that ends up touring Europe and since for some reason, none of their passports get stamped when they enter, so once the show is done, she stays in Amsterdam with some old friends and just hangs out. And sort of works. And shit happens.

As always with books like this, I hated the protag. I just didn’t care. I liked that it took place mainly in the ‘Dam, but other then that, the characters were super predictable as was the protag herself. I hate when girls do stupid shit and it seems like that is all she did. Meh.