I am not a fan of Anthony Bourdain by any means. The only shows I have ever watched with him are when he travels somewhere I am interested and even those bore me. I don’t get it. I saw this book on another website and decided to pick it up, because, hey it’s free. (Which reminds me, I need to re-request NO RESERVATIONS.) This book was okay. Maybe because I don’t care it was slightly better then I thought it would be? It was also good for my ADD as every chapter could stand alone and I always enjoy that. Nothing was too long, but if the chapter sucked, the reader was screwed. But the good ones where good. I just don’t know anything about cooking or chefs or his past at all, which helped. For all purposes, this book made no sense. He complained about people he hated and raved about people he loved. He talked a little bit about personal stuff and things I don’t know nor care about (Top Chef). It was a meh read. Better then I thought it would be for various reasons, but still a whatever book. All in all, don’t bother.