Used: 2011

Ahh, Baconfest. What is there to say about that. I found the link on someones blog a while back and saved it for when I would go to Chicago. When I figured out what weekend I was going to visit, I went back to my links and found out that the 2011 Baconfest was going to be held on the weekend I would be in town! How perfect was that! I seriously did not match the two up, I sware! Anyway, I added my name to the mailing list and as soon as tickets went on sale, I immediately bought two.

The day was insane. We arrived about 45 minutes after the doors open and while a booth or two were already out of stuff, most booths were still stuffed so there was no shortage of anything. We walked right in and immediately began stuffing our faces. We stayed away from the booths where the bacon was coupled with anything bread related, as we knew the bread would just fill us up, keeping us from all the rest of the bacon goodness.

Some sort of bacon ball with a flair of bacon cotton candy - YUM!

The over 21’s got an envelope with 6 drinks tickets included in the price and there was everything from bacon infused wine to PBR (yay water!) to what seemed to be the most popular drink of fest, the Bacon Bloody Mary’s. It was the Bloody Mary’s that sort of turned me off to the whole day, after taking a sip of the bacon covered rim and then the drink itself. I could barely eat anything after I tried this drink.

Bacon Bloody Mary - The most popular drink of the fest

This place was my heaven in the way that it seemed like a lot of booths got very creative in that they show can see who can make the craziest sample to include bacon. I love bacon, but there are some places it should not be in, such as drinks and ice cream. I tried both, but it was the weirder stuff that turned me off. Give me hot dogs and other various meats wrapped in bacon to just bacon in place of other meats any day.

My friend and I had to go out in the hall to take a breather after about an hour and we could barely get up to finish our walk around. We managed, but only wondered around for another 30 minutes or so as the day was starting to wind down anyway. We didn’t even eat that much, but all the bacon totally took it out of us. And filled us up for the rest of the day as we only had a snack for dinner.

Me and Rach, taking a breather in the hall from Baconfest

Moral: All in all, I am very glad I went, but I don’t think I would go again. It was all just a bit too much for me. It was so midwest in that everyone there looooooooved bacon. The shirts people were wearing were hilarious, everyone was super hardcore. I like bacon enough, but not like that. It was a bit expensive too, in the $60-65 range per ticket, I can’t remember exactly, which is a lot for just and hour and a half of something. I don’t love bacon that much. But then, it did fill us up for the day. No regrets, but I would never go again.