A classic epic Irish chick-lit type novel that I always get sucked into. This one was a little different because it had a dash of Australia in it (YAY!) but it was Tasmania, so it hardly counted (kidding. Sort of.). This book was definitely more Irish then Aussie in the way it was written and the storytelling as the story went on forever into way too much detail and didn’t really wrap up neatly at the end, which are always issues I have with Irish books.

Family of 5 girls and their father. Their mother died a while back and the story starts with the youngest who is still in high school, having a baby and all her sisters are excited and help take care of the kid. It’s the next oldest that grows most attached to the child and when the mother of the child goes off on research trips for college and the kid is supposed to stay with another sister who now lives in Melbourne or something, the attached sister goes off the rails and essentially “kidnaps” the kid. The sister is so horrified that she runs away from the family and it’s not until 20 years later that the father of the girls and the kid start to find her. At this point, most of the sisters are in the UK and the father has a summer house in Ireland, which is near where the estranged sister is living now, but no one knows it. The father asks his granddaughter to look into it and she does and finds her aunt, but never tells anyone else what she found, not even the father. And the story just ends!!!

What the hell?! I hate shit like this. Though, this was a better read then other Irish novels I’ve read, because it did have a hint of Aussie in it as well as not all the girls were total pushovers like most Irish novel women are. But that ending is total classic Irish chicklit. Meh.