I really really liked this book. It’s a huge book and I don’t think I am going to reread it anytime soon, which is why I wouldn’t buy it (library forever!).

Pros: Career girls drop everything (almost) and take off and go traveling. I liked where they went and what they did. I laughed so much on the chapter about Auckland and New Zealand. I loved their craziness about crashing a car in Australia and freaking out. It was funny, knowing Australia, I wasn’t freaked out at all for them as I sort of knew what would happen. So typical! Also, while one of the girls wanted to keep writing, eventually she quit, which is a good thing. I just think it didn’t happen soon enough.

Cons: There were three “characters” in the story and I couldn’t tell any of them apart. Their voices was the same (and so was the font) and they all seemed sort of the same to me. While the girls did travel fairly cheap, they each took a week or two out scattered in the middle of their trip to come back to the US for pretty much no reason (holidays, missing boyfriend, whatever) and to me, that kind of defeated the point of the trip. I just couldn’t relate to it. When I am away, I am away. I don’t come back until I am done. I was in NZ and Australia for two years and coming back didn’t occur to me until I was finished. Coming home would have been like cheating. While I put it in the pro category, it was also a con, but all the freakin’ work! Give it a rest already!

And I am sure some other stuff. Otherwise, it was a really good book on AMERICANS traveling long term. Something we don’t really think about doing. And I wish we did.