I read this book about a year ago, but I feel like I have read this book before that. And I am 99% sure I have, but it was like probably close to 10 years ago when I was just getting back into reading again and just starting on my travel books kick. So it’s been a while. And I remember thinking that this book was dated back then, having took place in the mid-90’s, that it’s even more dated now! But I kind of like that. Like planning a whole round the world tour before the internet? They did everything by fax, classic! The American family with three kids (all under the age of 10!) jammed in most of the world in 6 months and then spent 6 months in Australia (can you even do that now, legally?!) before coming back. The books I have read more recently on this topic, the kids are a little older and I think it wasn’t the best idea to drag a 2 year old around the world, but then, that is just me. I liked the authors opinion on seeing places like Africa with kids and seeing it through their eyes, it made me jealous! But the whole thing sounded kind of expensive, though they didn’t go into cost at all and they didn’t home school the kids at all. Just jammed in a years worth of school into 6 months. It was an okay read, just really really dated, which is not necessarily a bad thing, especially how I roll!