If you want to pick up a Danny Wallace book, I highly recommend this one (and YES MAN as well). Not only could I relate fully but it doesn’t hurt that this is/was his most recent book. I believe he has another book out at the moment, but it’s more of a compilation of articles he has written for some rag in the UK. So if I ever find the book, it will be new to me! Anyway, this book really hit home. Danny wrote it on the eve of his 30th birthday (me this year, kill me now!) when his mother mailed him a box of old stuff and he wondered where all his childhood friends were, as they were also turning 30! This subject really hits home with me. Unlike my sister, who has friends today that she made when she was in pre-school/elementary school (as well as high school and some from college), my oldest friend that I still talk to regularly is from 7th grade (high school, in my book. I went to a 7th through 12), so compared to the sister, fairly recent. But thanks to the internet, I google. A lot. Since I am blocked from FB, I don’t really have much to go on, but google and random websites. I do wonder what happened to my friends from elementary school. While I am a total Luddite in a lot of ways, I wonder if there was the internet when I was done with 6th, if I would still talk to my friends from elementary school. The last time I actually saw a group of them was unfortunately, for a funeral of a elementary school friends sister, but that was after our first year of college, so it’s been like 10 years since. This book made me a little motivated to get in touch, as we are all turning Old next year, so they are in the same place I am in, but knowing me, I’m not.

I liked reading about Danny’s adventures to get in touch with his friends. I highly recommend reading this book when you are about to turn Old as well. I added this review here because he travels all around the world to get in touch with his friends, in true Danny-style. Yes, he could contact them via online or the phone, but since it’s Danny, he wants to reconnect with them in person and they are now spread out all over the world, as Commonwealth countrymen tend to be. So it has a little bit of travel involved!