Apparently I went on a binge a few weeks back and finally got around to requesting every Danny Wallace book that I haven’t read yet. LAPL has them all except one that I can’t find on any California library list!! Debating buying it (in case you care, it’s the book he wrote with Dave Gorman, called “Are you Dave Gorman?”) and I see in stores alll the time, but when is the last time I actually bought a book? 2007? This pisses me off a lot. Anyway, this book! A bit old, a bit out of date. Danny’s uncle or something dies and one thing he really wanted to do in life but never did was start a collective at his farm in Switzerland. So in memory of it, Danny starts a collective. And of course, in true book fashion gets out of control with no point. This was probably my least favorite book I have read from Danny. There really was no point at all and I felt like all his followers, like when is there going to be a pay-off besides “collecting people ” from all over the world? I just couldn’t relate. Besides the fact that his girlfriend in the book I know he is no longer with and really, I didn’t see the point of her anyway, as she was just totally annoying. He was like hiding his project from her! If he felt like he had to do that, what is the point of being with someone? I don’t get it. Anyway, a whatever read. There are better books from the author that I would recommend over this title.

Danny’s books always have an element of travel in them and he worked the topic of this book when the internet was just getting popular, so there were a lot of people outside the UK that were discovering his “project” and he would travel to meet them.