So, apparently, I read this book twice! Once back in March of 2007 and then again in January of 2011. Whoops! Below are both my reviews:

March, 2007: GETTING STONED is about a dude (aren’t they always?) and his now-wife who move from DC, away from successful jobs that they don’t enjoy to islands in the S. Pacific and how they get a long with life there. Alot about the culture in this book, as the culture and people are very different then the US and how they don’t encounter a lot of people from the US, because they want to “keep it real”.

This book was okay also. Just more of the same though. People move away from successful jobs that they don’t really enjoy to experience something they know they are. Sound like anyone familiar?

January, 2011: From the same author of Sex Lives of Cannibals. Man, what happened in this book and not the previous one? Guy and Gal where based in the Pacific, but on a larger island this time. Guy still had “big plans” to write a book, which he never did. Other then that, how did he fill his time? Island hopping? Chatting about the differences in their time in the South Pacific compared to last time? Chatting about his much their life had changed since the last time? For the life of me, can’t remember any of it. I finally got into his way of writing, which is a little different and emo-like compared to other travel writers I have read. So, it was meh. Guy is/was/still kind of a douche, but I got over it and accepted it.

Only read if you are interested in South Pacific culutres, no matter which ones (Australia included). You never know who or what comment is going to pop up. Also, a bit dated, but in this book, I don’t really mind. I like reading “history” sometimes.