I loved this book!! I googled the author to see if she had written anymore books and she hasn’t, which was annoying to find out! Girl from Australia is on her “year abroad” in in the early 1990’s in Eastern Europe where she meets a Frenchmen and promptly drops everything and visits him in Paris and never leaves. I liked how dated this book was. There was hardly a mention of visa issues, which in today’s world would annoy me, but since it takes place in the 90’s, I got over it. Also, I am not usually a fan of girls dropping their lives to live with strange dudes but this book was more about her then their relationship, so I again got over it. Oddly, this book made me miss Australia more then have a new appreciation for Paris. She would describe the difference between Aus and France and I would find myself missing Australia more then ever. Funny, for a book that is supposed to be about Paris. She talks a lot about the differences and since Australia is such an American country (in my book) I found myself agreeing with a lot of what she was talking about. Highly recommend for those who love Australia (and France, I guess) and living and experiencing a new culture.