Used: 2007/08

After seeing Stephanie’s post on Twenty-Something Travel on pictures out her various windows while she was traveling, it reminded me of all the pictures I took out my balcony when I was living in Auckland. The way the sky changed so often, it was amazing and I took so many pictures. I lived on the 15th floor of a 18 story building, facing east (home!) into the harbour where I could watch the cruise ships come in and out (something for some reason I LOVED!) as well as Devonport on the North Shore, Rangitoto and parts of Waiheke Islands. But it was the sky change that was so dramatic over the seasons.


Love this colour of sky!

Typical day in Auckland, rain!

Low riding clouds

Harbour reflection on the building next door.

Rare sunny but typical summer day in Auckland.

One of the many many cruise ships in the harbour over the summer

But more typical for Auckland evening

Not edited at all, one of the weirdest skies I saw when I lived in Auckland!

Typical weekend day on the harbour, sail boats everywhere!

Getting ready to rain

Funny sky with rainbow!

Moral: It was this view and window that sold me on the apartment. How could you not choose to look at this every single day for 9 months?! I loved coming home every day to enjoy whatever the view had to offer that day. There was rarely any smog and all the change was always natural, which is so not what I am used to. I love experiencing small differences like this in everyday life in another country.