Used: 2009

I only had one day in Adelaide between tours to catch up on everything (email, phone calls, laundry) and had to buy a fly net for my hat for my trip up north to Alice Springs. I don’t remember what else I did that day. Wondered around town. Went to an art museum for free. I really liked the city a lot and wish I had spent more time there as it seemed like all the other big cities in Australia, just a little smaller and more rural.

Art Gallery of South Australia, Adleaide

At this point, it was late February and I wondered into a bookstore to see what was up and I found dirt cheap wall calendars and found a corgi one for like AU$2, so I bought it knowing I was going to want it once I got home. It was oddly shap, but thin, so I could fit it in my bag. Probably the oddest thing that I trekked into the outback with. I didn’t do much at night. Finished up my laundry and hung out on the really nice patio all night at the hostel chatting with a British girl who had just arrived in Australia and wasn’t sure were she was headed next. I told her about Kangaroo Island, but it was a bit expensive for her wallet, which it kind of is. Worth it to me, but not everyone.

Moral: I wish I had spent more time in Adelaide. It seemed smaller then other bigger cities in Australia, which was sort of up my ally when I first arrived in the country from New Zealand. I didn’t know anything about it before arriving, but I had a really good time. It seemed like a cute, large Australia town. Small compared to the other biggies, but large for what people off the east coast can compare it too.

I am such a sucker for signs like this! Next stop, Alice Springs!