I don’t pay for internet at my apartment as most of the time there is free wireless floating around. But last weekend, when I write my posts for the week, I couldn’t seem to connect (it happens sometimes and hey, I get what I pay for) which is why I am sort of flaking this week. Obvious the 7 Links thing was a no-brainer, though it was interesting to go back and do some start research on my site, which I never do. And since my last picture post was oh-so popular (for me), why not do another one of some of my favorite pictures from Santa Monica last year? Last November, we had a major heat spell in LA, even for us for that time of year. And it was hotter at the beach then in the valley, which is super rare for us, no matter what time of year. I got down to the beach the following day for a work event and these pictures were taken from the hotel the event was being held at. These have not been enhanced in anyway and I “blame” the weather for these striking shots.

Catalina Island in the distance

Normal day, facing The 'Bu

Sunset, facing The 'Bu

Moral: Late last year, I was so ahead in posting, writing like a month ahead, but all 2011, I have nearly managed to break even. This past weekend reminded me that I really need to work ahead when I have the chance. But just a heads up, I don’t post when I travel and I’ll be traveling a lot in August, so it will be a light month for me. No pre-posting for me anytime soon.