I don’t know why I had such a hard time with this book. It’s chick-lit! It takes place in an international setting (albit, one I haven’t been to for a change)! I think the thing I had a hard time with in this book is that that author spent way to much time with internal dialogue and description rather then actual dialogue. This book was a little bit like my last favorite chick-lit book I read a few months ago from Harmel and actual a mix of another book of hers as well. The protag looses her job and boy in one day and drastically changes her life and moves to a new country for a while. Same set up. But the protag in this book was a little more annoying because of her “The Plan”. You already know where this is going. Signals get crossed (I HATE that set up!!!) and of course the man she thinks is hot, but she thinks for some reason doesn’t like her (she has no reason to think this AT ALL) of course they end up together. Blah. And out of every travel/dating blog in the whole freakin’ world, hers is the next big thing! What are the odds?! I do like that she ended up staying in Argentina. And while the book was sort of lame, it did make me want to go and visit even more. S. America is on my list of places to visit. I’m heading to Peru in a few weeks! It’s close. It’s cheap. More and more people are speaking English every day! Why not?!