You know me, if I see a movie I am even remotely interested in, I’ll pick up the book. And hello, George Clooney and Jason Reitman (have actually seen all his movies and really like them a lot), how wrong can you get? So I picked up the book. I actually read something from this guy just a few weeks back and I hate it which should have been the first sign for this book. And yeah, it sort of sucked too. Lots of description that I couldn’t keep straight. Characters from one city would pop up in another. Who was who? I did like when he talked about his family as that was like another plot in this and I wish they went into it more. This book was also a little dated as it takes place in airplanes and airports and all things related and there was this one part in it that we are now allowed to do anymore, but I can’t think of it now, so that sentence was pointless. Anyway. I liked how he was trying to make it his goal of getting a million FF miles before he quits his job. Interesting. Anyway, this book did not make me want to see the movie more (duh) but it didn’t turn me off to it either. So we’ll see.