Oh shoot, I think I forgot you tell you, I am going to take August off! I am pretending that I am European and taking most of the month off to travel. And I am using my time wisely! First, I am off to Le Big Island of Hawaii with my family to celebrate my (gulp) big birthday this weekend for a few days. Then I have approximately 10 days to prep myself for 2 weeks in Peru! I’ll be back Labor Day weekend and posts will start up again the following week fo’ shiz. Maybe earlier if I get my shit together, but don’t count on it.

To tie y’all over, here is a picture I took while driving (not safe, I know, but once you get out on the open roads of Oahu, seriously, NO CARS!) through the middle of Oahu a few years back.

Isn't it pretty?!

See y’all in September!