As expected, I am not ready with any proper posting this week. One thing I worked on last month, was a post for my buddy Brooke‘s website Her Packing List which she asked me to write about packing for summer in New Zealand. My first guest post!!! I couldn’t say no:-). I am like the worst packer, but I love making lists, so hopefully it will help someone out!

So as you can tell I survived Hawaii (not too hard) and Peru (a bit harder) and I took ton of notes and pictures which will hopefully fill this place with posts about topics big and small for a long time to come! And I am still not done with my adventures downunder! I have had a post in the queue about my trip to the Outback waiting for ages (super out of date now, I am sure, but whatever) as well as a post on all the jobs I held in Sydney. You’ll be surprised to hear which one was my favorite!

Depending on internet connection, I hope for the regularly scheduled posting to start again next week!!

Me on my birthday (hence the lei) in front of Kilauea Volcano!