Used: 2011

When my sister named some activities she wanted to do when she came to visit me in New Zealand, wine tasting was high on the list. So when I found out there was a winery on The Big Island called Volcano Winery and it was right outside the park, I knew we would have to stop there.

The place was super cute and had a flight of 8 wines available for tasting. It was just my sister and I and a couple over from Oahu in our tasting group and interesting that the other tourists were essentially “locals”. The wines were quiet fruity and not too dry. The grapes are planted in the lava fields, hence the name. They do not have a distributor on the mainland as you have the buy the bottles yourself for delivery and shipment. They are available to buy around Hawaii and cost about $15-$20 each. We bought a bottle that I liked the most, the Symphony Mele, to drink later. They have two tasting counters and a pretty large shop of general wine-related tchotchkes, which I always find entertaining.

Moral: I love wineries in interesting places and this has to be one of the oddest in the US. Unfortunately, the wine isn’t anything special, but the women who poured our tasting was very nice, chatty and informative about all the wines available. They seem like they are still expanding, as they just added some new bottles recently but hopefully they keep the operation on the smaller size and enhance their creativity and difference. A highly recommended spot when visiting Volcanoes National Park.

*Sorry for lack of pictures! We concentrated on the tasting as their operation is quite small*