Used: 2011

When I booked my ticket to Peru, I booked it all on one ticket. It wasn’t until I printed out my itinerary right before I left, that I realized that the airline I was flying home on with two stops from Lima to Bogotá to El Salvador was not Taca. When I flew down and was reading the Taca airline magazine and couldn’t figure out for the life of me why Taca didn’t fly from Bogota to El Salvador and in checking my itinerary again, realized that I was flying on a different airline for my return! Avianca is part of the Taca family which is why I was sold this ticket, so I didn’t worry too much.

Since I had confirmed aisle seats all the way home, I tried to log into the Taca and Avianca websites the day before my flight and print out my boarding passes but for some reason, both websites would not let me log in. I think it was because Peru has an exit fee requirement (more on that later) but I really have no idea. Luckily, Lima has this all under control. Checking in was super easy and I was ticketed all the way through to LAX. I asked about window seats on my flights and the agent could only make the change for the Avianca flights but not the Taca flight. It was weird, some things connected and other things not.

Everything I loved about Taca is the same on Avianca. Good food and hot towels. Friendly service. Flights that leave on time. Sometimes half empty flights (LIM-BOG) and sometimes full flights (BOG-SAL). Leather seats, cup holders and personal entertainment systems are what make this airline better than Taca. My first flight from Lima to Bogotá was so super short on a empty plane. I had the entire row to myself which I can’t remember when the last time I had that. Unfortunately that made up on my Bogotá to El Salvador flight with a full flight.

Cup holder and personal entertainment systems is part of the reason why Avianca is my new favorite airline!

I don’t know if it was just the planes I was on, but after the safety video, the air hostesses made an announcement saying that against US aviation regulations, there is no emergency oxygen system in the bathroom, in the event of an emergency. Are they even allowed to fly to the US without this or is announcement enough to “override” the system? I know they fly to some east coast cities which is great because they are an awesome airline! Coat hanger and cup holder on the seat back is something more US airlines totally need this as they take up no room or weight.

Coat hanger, awesome! Why has no American airline implemented this? Did I mention, this is all in COACH?!

Moral: I love this airline! New planes, great amenities with all the awesome services of Taca. I wish they flew all the way to LA (oddly, they have signs at the airport attached to Taca’s name), but Taca seems to have a hold on the base route from LA until you get into the Latin and South America region. But when you see this airline show up on your ticket, cheer! They are awesome.

Deplaning in Colombia