This book was good, but dated. Hello, right up my ally! For the most part I liked it, but I am going to say the big thing that I didn’t like. It tried to jam too much into a short book. I wish the author had written like two books, one about her time in the Peace Corp and maybe her courtship with her husband and then another book about their time in Africa. Instead, it was jammed into one, kind of short, book. And in doing that, lots of detail was left out. And it’s the details I would have liked! Oy, what can you do. It’s not my story to tell.

Girl finishes school, had no idea what to do, works a bit and then joins the Peace Corp, but not before falling for her recruitment officer. They have a relationship before she is shipped off to South America for 2 years. She lasts 9 months before coming home, which apparently is quite common. She picks up her relationship again, they marry and then Boy gets a job in Africa and they settle there. Their time in Africa is like half the book. So imagine how rushed all that first part is! She writes about her life in Africa, her getting a job, being pregnant, having a kid and then coming back to the US, which is where the book ends. Oh yeah, and all this takes place in the late 80’s, early 90’s!

The pace was the biggest issue I had with this book. The whole story was jammed into like 300 pages, which is a good length of a book for me, but not for this entire story! I felt too much was left out. Okay, I’ll get over it. Otherwise, I liked this book. Different places, different people, different cultures. A decent read.