Used: 2011

The Prisma Hotel that Gap put our group up in, in Cusco was really quiet nice. It was about a 10 minute walk to the Plaza de Armas which in the center of town, in an area we all called “the mattress district” as every single store on our street seemed to only sell mattresses.

Conveniences nearby that I used were a supermarket about 2 blocks away that opened late and closed late, but sold cheap water and other provisions. The other was an ATM in the Plaza that was open 24 hours and located in an exchange shop that had an armed guard out front and issued both US dollars and soles. I took out money from here a lot as it seemed the safest.

I stayed at this hotel twice, both before and after my trek and these were my findings after staying in two different rooms:

The first time, my roommate and I got a very large room that faced the main street and therefore was very loud until the mattress shops finally closed up. It had an AWESOME view of the town and the houses on the hill. The second room we had was a lot smaller, quieter and facing a parking lot in the back of the hotel. Both were good for different reasons.

View of the hills of Cusco on our first night

I can highly recommend the showers in this place and had two very good ones, both before and after the hike, which is very important in finding a place to stay in town. Great tv channel selection as always (though the remotes in both rooms didn’t work) and a very nice front desk who spoke fine English and could answer all my questions. They have a large meeting table on the second floor as well as a computer with free internet for anyone to use. It moved pretty slow, but free is free. The free wifi was also iffy in my rooms. A free breakfast was provided, typical tea and bread as well as cheese and meat slices, which was a nice touch. They also sell water and other snacks in the gift shop (for a hugely inflated price, of course) just in case the market is closed.

Moral: I had originally booked this place to stay an extra few nights after the tour ended and was disappointed when they wanted to move me to another place. It was in a great location, safe with a helpful front desk, well maintained, great breakfast and awesome showers. Even if you are not here with a Gap tour, I would recommend this place, though be prepared for tour groups in the halls and at breakfast.