I am going to get my complaints out of the way first. And regarding all things Australia, of course as that was pretty much the only place this author went to that I had been. First off, you can’t take the train in Sydney all the way to Bondi Beach. CHECK YOUR FACTS. And also, how do you now know how to pronounce Bondi?! Oy, that drove me crazy. And his spelling of Macquarie (not MacQuarie as it’s spelled in the book) drove me batty too. Oy, doesn’t anyone edit these things? Okay, whew, that is out of the way!

Okay, so this book was about a dude who took a year off from his job to travel around the world. A little bit of a rarity back in like 2002 when he went, but not so rare now. Or maybe I just read more stuff about people doing it, I don’t know. The things that made this story a little different then the blogs I read on a daily basis is that this guy was a little older it seemed, maybe in his late 30’s or so and he didn’t stay at hostels but in fairly swank places and the fact that he is African American. It was interesting to see how people reacted to him based on his skin color and it was a little bit of the book, but not a major part. I felt it was mentioned and brought into the story just the right amount.

Otherwise, this book was okay. I think I would have liked it more if I had read it years ago, instead of where I am in my life. I have lived abroad. I read blogs on a daily basis about people, even Americans, who are doing round the world trips like this. But it reminds you that up until really fairly recently, people just didn’t do that. Especially older people. A decent read.