I am usually not one for personal updates because this is a travel blog and what does my personal life have to do with how I travel? More in this upcoming year due to some changes. I know, I slacked on this weeks posts as well, also due to these personal changes.

The smaller change that has effected me actually since this summer is the lack of free internet floating around my apartment complex. For the first 18 months of living in my current apartment, someone had their wireless unblocked, which I used on the weekend to catch up and update my blog. I came back from Hawaii to find it gone and all the other connections in my area blocked. So I started writing all my posts at home, making notes on details to look up and links to add later, so I could update quickly at work, when I got online. This worked okay for a few months. I was actually considering getting internet for myself, but never got up the motivation. And now I definitely can’t afford it.

Say hello to Poppy!

Then the biggest change last month. I got a dog. I know this isn’t a big deal to a lot of people. But this is for me for a variety of reasons. I did not grow up with animals. My parents couldn’t stand anything that didn’t live in a cage, so at the ripe old age of 30, this is the first real pet I have ever had. I also live alone, so I have no one to help at all with it. Since my parents have an aversion to animals, even though they live nearby, they are of little help to me. I can bring the dog to their house, but can’t leave it there without me being there to supervise. Also, Poppy is pretty much a puppy. The vet aged her at a year, but since she came from a city shelter and no one knows her history, she is extremely timid, has the worst separation anxiety and still has the occasional accident when not being watched very closely. All these features have added up to way less time to do what I used to. No more swimming, if I still read one book a week, it’s a miracle (I used to plow through at least 3). And my blog. When I have tried to write the past few weekends, the dog just climbs all over me, she is entranced by the computer screen. I can’t post my blogs at work because I used to do it during lunch and now my lunch times are filled with running home to walk the dog for an hour (hence no more reading either). Which all adds up to less time to keep up my blog.

Highlight of my weekends now!

I still have so many topics on Peru to write about (the first thing I did when I got home was write out a list of topics and came up with over 40, which is about 6 months worth of content!) so they’ll be churned out slow and steady. But that means, there won’t be much of a regular posting schedule for the next few months. I am going to try to get at least ONE post out at week, if only so I don’t loose any personal traction and motivation, but if I skip a week, you’ll know why. I have one last post for Thursday (Did I make it to Machu Picchu?? Tune in to find out!!) and then I am taking next week off (as always, hopefully to churn some content out!) and I hope everyone has a great holiday and New Year!


Out and about and keeping busy and active