This book was so super cute. Dogs and Europe, how can you go wrong? It didn’t all take place in Europe as the guy lives most of the time in Los Angeles, so I could relate to the places he talked about. He talked about how he got her, how she became one of those therapy dogs and briefly on their adventures as a therapy dog around Los Angeles and then off to Europe! He talked about so many places she could go in Europe, vs the United States (so true) and how well behaved she was, etc, etc. Like she was his child, she was The! Best! Dog! Ever! which is what all pet owners say about their pets (as well as their children). This book and story had the potential to annoy me, but the author really only talked about his dog and their relationship and barely touched on his relationship with people, that it didn’t even effect me, which is how animal books end up annoying the fuck out of me and this barely did. If you love dogs and travel, especially Europe, you gotta pick this book up.