I love books about families that travel around the world. And while Americans are the least traveled people I know, it’s always them who take their entire families on the road and then write about it later. Now is it that they take their families on the road more then most or are they the ones who just always have to cash in on a book later? I wonder. Anyway, I saw this book at Borders a few weeks ago and found it only at the LAPL system. It sat for 3 weeks and then when I couldn’t renew it, I made an effort to read it in three days. And knowing the topic, I knew I could. And I did! Not all that surprising.
Anyway, this is one of the better ones that I have read lately as this family wasn’t in it for fame and while dads that are obsessed with staying connected while on the road, that wasn’t too main a point here. Plus, they wanted to cycle through Europe, which is always a nice twist. It didn’t really work out as one of their kids had a major leg accident a few weeks in and like life, it didn’t go as planned and things changed but the family rolled with it and kept on trekking, which was nice that they didn’t dwell on it too much. They traveled around Europe, a bit in the Mid East and a touch on Africa. They traveled well around Asia and S. America to places that I have not been but definitely want to go and they made me want to go there more.

These parents don’t know how lucky they are with their kids. Don’t know how much is true, but the kids hardly complained and a big part of their trip was reading. Now I think my sister and I are good kids, but I don’t know if even we could have done something like this at that age. I could relate to a lot of some of the situations they used after coming back from my trip. You don’t need so many possessions. Home is where your stuff is. Seems like you are always looking for water and a bathroom. All in all, a good read. If you are into books like this.