Another winner from one of my current favorite authors. And now I have finished everything she has written at the moment. This book takes our protag to Rome. Girl is very straight laced and always looking out for her father and crazy sister before herself. Dad talks her into breaking out of the mold and going back to Italy, the only place she has spent more time in her younger days then home. She goes, but not without some hurdles, of course. Before she goes away, she goes out on a “perfect” date with a restaurant owner, but of course, he has a “mother in law” and “child” and she runs away before he can explain himself. LAME! Plus, on their date when she mentions how much they have in common, it is like so much, it is pretty unbelievable. Those were the two things I liked least in this book and luckily, they got that out of the way quickly. Stuff happens and Girl ends up staying with one of Dates friends while in Roma. She meets other Boy and while kind of pointless, you know they aren’t going to end up together in the end. Also, according to the Girl, everyone in Italy speaks in “rapid Italian” which got annoying after like the third time. That is like saying we speak in “rapid English”. So pointless.

I like Harmel’s books for the most part, in that they are very real. Real hurdles come up and she writes herself out of them very well, in my opinion. Of course, it is chick-lit, so it’s not totally real, but real enough for me in these books. And while Rome is again not a favorite city of mine, it’s always nice to step out of the traditional American mold.