Used: 2011

After Gap changed my hotel booking and I canceled it, I had to find a place on my own. I checked out Trip Adviser and looked at places nearby and Frankenstein Hostel was the first place to pop up and was quite highly rated. It seemed like a good bet.

And thankfully, it was! I think it was good, since I was traveling alone that I had been in town for a few days before, so I had the lay of the land for the most part. The owner was around all the time, but the “front desk” was not supervised 24 hours (though you could ring a slightly awkward bell for service 24/7) but since I was in town for a few extra days, I didn’t need much (except for a cab on my last day).

The pictures on the website do it justice. It’s not super modern, but clean and comfortable and small and quiet (at least it was when I stayed, plus I had an upstairs room). I love the feeling of being outside even when your not. I liked the common area and chatted with some other guests who had just arrived, which was nice and would have not been able to do that at a hotel. TV in the common room with all the typical channels always ranks high with me. And really awesome free wireless internet, perfect for my phone. Love that the code name is the house dog’s name. The dog is HUGE, but thankfully didn’t go where the guests were and pretty much sat and slept in the lobby the whole time.

My room at Frankenstein Hostel

There was a small shared bathroom with plenty of hot water (though the pressure could have used some work, but it still wasn’t as bad as the first place I stayed in in Lima) and was also clean.

In the lobby, there was a recommendations book with reccs on various tour companies around town that I loved reading. I found a good rafting company through that and I liked reading what other people had to say about other companies used for the Inca Trail or the other trails in the area.

And of course, the price couldn’t be beat! I am so not used to prices like this for my own room and even though this was my once a year vacation and I could have splurged a little bit, staying somewhere different is always nice for a few days. And for like US$8 (!!!!!!!) it was well worth it. I don’t think I have ever stayed somewhere so cheap in my life.

Moral: While I am glad I stayed at hotels most of the time in Peru, I do like to mix up my accommodation a little bit and stay in different types of places, if only for a short time and I am really glad I did it in Cusco, where hostels are a dime a dozen and I had already been in town for a while (by tourists standards) so I knew the lay of the land. But I would recommend this place, if to get away from the larger (and louder) hostels in the area!