Another book from the same author of those South Pacific books I read. This one was way more recent then the others as the author talked about like the internet, 9/11 and some other recent world-wide events. Except this time, the trip was just about him and his travels. A good mix of experiences with expats who live there now as well as locals. I liked hearing how much has changed recently in this fast moving country. The names of people and places didn’t mean much to me and I glossed over most of it.

The main point of this book is the author has kids now and to make them more well rounded, he wanted to check China out to see if it would be a good place to raise a family. He spent a lot of time bitching about the smog and didn’t say his answer at the end of the story, so I am going to guess that his family did not make the move. It’s one thing to teach kids Chinese or whatever in school, but to actually live there, just because. That seems like a big move for little return. I liked this book just as much as the others. Maybe slightly more because it was more recent, but still didn’t love it.