I read this book like a millions years ago when I was just branching out into travel lit and read everything by Bryson. I must have sold my copy as I don’t have it anymore, so since coming back from Australia, I have wanted to reread it. I don’t remember it being very memorable and it was totally that. One thing that I sort of didn’t like was Bryson wrote way too much about everything that can kill you in Australia and it’s so not as bad as he writes. Yeah, Australia probably has like 8 out of the ten most lethal snakes/bugs/etc that can kill you, but the chances that you come across any of it in your travels is so slim. Everything that can kill you is more afraid of you then you are of it anyway, it’s so not a big deal there at all. But after reading this book, I can see why people don’t want to visit. He makes it seem scary! I liked the routes and places he wrote about, even though it was a little dated and his route took him all over the most random places. And of course, got to have a little on the Aboriginals and how they aren’t part of city culture there at all and he wanted to learn about them, but couldn’t, but it wasn’t a big part of his book (thank god). Anyway, I am glad I reread this book, but I can see why I didn’t keep it or have no reason to re-buy it.