This book was perfect! I read it over a few weeks, going to bookstores when I was in Australia. Whatever, so sue me. It was written by a 40-year old Australian Dude who had done the backpacking rite of passage around Europe like 20 years previously and wanted to experience and write about what Europeans do when they come to the East Coast of Australia. It was pretty spot on! It was written like in the 2nd half of 2007, so a lot of things were still relevant to me (even though I read it after I did the East Coast in late 2008/early 2009). Some of the choices he made could have been a little better (like doing the self drive on Fraser instead of a tour) but he did hit all the spots that everyone does. Also, he spent a little too much time talking about Sydney and I wish he did what he did with Sydney with all the towns he hit. Like the Sydney chapter was like 70 pages or something and everything else was like 50 or less. A good read for the situation I was currently living. Plus, I love when he talked about the “theme song” of his trip. If I hear the Kings of Leon CD again, it will be too soon. That whole thing was the theme song of my trip. At least all the songs sound the same to me and I don’t full out hate it.