**I wrote this review when I was living in Australia, sometime in late 2008, early 2009**
It’s been awhile since I have read a comedy! And I have always seen stuff from this author, but never picked it up (YAY! for the free pile!). I think I just get hung up in details sometimes. This book was entertaining, always saying Yes to everything (the movie was based on this book, but I read it even before I knew that they were even making a movie) and it’s a good experiment and a good way to live your life, I think. I know I have said yes more lately (crappy jobs, etc…) when I think of this book. You just never know what is around the corner. The downside of this book, is like all travel humour books, the authors seem to have like buckets of money. So like, the Dude sees an ad for a trip to Thailand. Gotta say YES! Girl-sort-of-friend asks you to come to Australia (on a separate trip from the previous Thailand trip) Gotta say YES! Seriously, if the world had unlimited money, I don’t think people would ever say No. But since most of us live in the real world, the word No has to come up at some point. And I can’t remember the turning point in the book (these books always have them) but it seemed kind of lame and forced. Otherwise, always entertaining and I hope to pick up more from this author once I get a library card!! God, I miss the freedom of the library instead of having to rely on the trash that people leave behind.