**I read and wrote this review when I was living in Australia in late 2008, early 2009**
Another one of the free books from the awesome pile! I have been wanting to read this book since I heard about it. I mean, look at the title! It’s perfect! This book was an okay read. I makes you think twice about “The Bible” as Lonely Planet is known on the road. Which is why I don’t read it. Anyway, this guy is American, but is interested in S. America, so he wrote a LAS guide which Lonely Planet published when he was in college, so when it came time to update the Brazil (cause they speak LAS there, NOT!) book, they asked if he would do it. And because it’s everyones dream to travel write, he chucked it all in and went off to update.

Very different then what he expected. Lots of books are full of bullshit, which he learned and he pretty much ended up drinking and fucking his way around S. America on LP’s dime. Not what I really want from my writers. Just another reason to NOT use LP (though I am sure RG isn’t much better) Some parts were funny about when some girl yelled at him because a restaurant that she and a friend were going to meet up at no longer existed. Which is why I never use books for food reccs. And what else…..it was pretty funny. Makes you hate LP in the end, which was a good read for me because while I think they do okay work, I hate that like everyone uses them and think they are the end all and be all of travel books. And because of that, their quality has gone down and their books are kind of a pain in the butt now. Sort of like the backpackers trail on the E. Coast of Australia! But that is another book for another time.