I love this author, so of course, I had to pick this title up. It was about a British guy who drove across the US by not using anything that had to do with chains and big corps when it came to his car, gas, eating and lodging to see if he could do it. It was a really interesting read and funny too. Prob. the only downside of this story was that he had a deal with some production company, so essentially, they owned the rights to the trip, which I thought defeated the whole purpose. Plus, since they were financing the project, he had nearly unlimited time and money to dick around with, which is why chains exist in the first place, to make things cheap for the rest of us! As with all books, about 2/3 of the way through there was some drama, that was kind of lame and of course everything worked out. All these types of books run the same pattern. A good travel read.