This book was super cute! Like 40 years ago, a couple from New Zealand got married and then did their OE in the UK. But instead of just taking a shit home, they bought a Bug and drove it home. And this book was about recreating that, as old people, in the same car! It was definitely an interesting read, but probably my least favourite thing about it was the Dude’s need for media attention regarding it. It was like, they were driving through some pretty rough countries and having the media attention on them was both good and bad. The Girl definitely had a better outlook on it, but unfortunately, it was the Dude who did all the talking. I liked how they inter-spliced it with memories of the olden days. Good read for travelers, especially since they were ending in Australia, even though they were from New Zealand. Plus throw in the UK, and I have been to all those places! (Except everywhere in-between, almost).