This book I was totally looking forward to when I picked it up from the library! And the payoff was total crap. One thing the travel writing class taught me that I brought to when I read this book is what kind of book it was. There are books that “show” you what people see when they travel and there are books that “tell” you what they see when they travel. “Show” books are usually more interesting and people like them more and I know I do. This book fell into the “tell” category and because of this, it was sooooo boring! Another thing that made this book boring is the scope that it covered. It covered nearly the whole world! The writer went to every continent except Africa, well, he did the north a little, but he included that in Europe. I have read books before were the write covers the whole world, but oddly enough those are families that do that and for some reason, makes it slight more interesting. The only angle this guy had was riding around on a motorcycle, but he started in Portugal and only got as far as like eastern Europe before shipping the bike to India (not riding it around the mid-east) and then couldn’t get it out of customs there, so pretty much just got rid of that idea and it turned into a regular boring ass trip. Also, he complained about everything! If the hotel wasn’t a freakin’ Hilton, it was a shithole. It was interesting to read his take on India, as I have no interest in ever going there, but everything I read are usually rave reviews about it and this guy had nothing to say but crap about it. So different, but a bit of a downer.