For some reason, I read this book in a day. There is no excuse for that. I don’t know how I got through this book so quickly as it was just okay and it was nearly 400 pages! I was in Kaikoura and I didn’t have a TV, but that is all! Anyway, this book was about a Dude right before one of his novels was published and he took a bunch of money and traveled the world in hopes of meeting someone to invite back to the US and that it would change their life for the better and mean a lot to them. He traveled to a lot of 3rd world places and it was all an interesting read about them. Usually I am not really all that much into reading about that, but this book wasn’t too bad. Probably the only thing I didn’t really like was the timing. I always read the masthead before I read the book so I get an idea of the timing that this book takes place and I think this book was originally published in 2000 and then in paperback in 2002 or something. So it’s not the newest book. He talked about S. Africa a lot and apartheid, which to me, seem to have been around for most of my life. But it was a huge issue in that chapter and when I finally got to the epilogue, it mentioned something along the lines of it taking nearly 10 years for the person that the author chose to come to America, to finally make it and he arrive in 1999 or something. So all the contents of this book took place nearly my lifetime ago. I wish I had known that going into at least the S. Africa chapter, as that one talked about ongoing political issues within that country. Another epilogue, which was written for the paperback edition, mentioned September 11th, which I always find interesting. Like if it took so long for the person to get to America before September 11th, imagine how long it would have taken them after! All in all, a very interesting read.